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The Reserve at Westridge HOA is everything shown within the yellow on the map below.  We have two school districts, Frisco ISD (green/blue) and Prosper ISD (yellow). 

For an interactive version of this map, CLICK HERE.


Dog Stations

Pond - Running a Mile
1 Mile equals 5,280 ft
1 Lap around Pond equals 2,450 ft
Twice around the pond almost does it, so if you start at the green and run two laps continuing to the red will complete a mile.

Upcoming Retail

380 & Custer

A new plat for the corner of Custer/380. We know about the Kroger and Lowes going at on the NWC, but now have a better idea what the SEC corner will look like. It is being developed by UCR and includes multiple anchors, grocery, cinema, 5 large restaurants, and a variety of retail spots. No names yet, but just a basic idea. We will see if the city of McKinney has confirmed anything yet. It does have a Chic-Fil-A logo though. (Jun 2016)

Westridge and Independence

We had a meeting with the Engineer and her team, that they are looking to to alter the plans and would like our feedback. The Grocery store will be in the NW corner of the 8 acres with 3-4 free standing buildings for other businesses to lease. The gas station will be in the same location. The Grocery store will be in the NW corner angled with a triangle of space between it and the fences. The loading dock will now be over 200ft from the fence line (which complies with city ordinance) but they are still providing trees 30ft apart (city ordinance is 40ft) and some extra trees to fill in some of the open area and are still including the 8ft sound wall that will be a few feet from the fence line. The wall will be built with each phase of their projects.

Previous information:
for the MEETING from APRIL 12th
The revised plans have been approval by the Planning & Zoning panel.
The meeting was very straight forward where the developer presented the changes, the city recommended approval of the variance being requested, just as before, but this time no one spoke against and the panel approved the variance.

March 2016
A Retail Site on the Northwest corner of Westridge Boulevard and Independence Parkway. The proposed use for this project is a grocery store and fuel station, with retail and restaurants to be developed on the adjacent property in later phases.

380 and Coit (11-17-16)
Market Street is in application process for NEC of Coit and 380 - behind the new CVS. This is a draft from their submission and there are several steps to go before fully approved and then more until they break ground.

Where's the Park?
Short Answer: It's Coming
Where? Around Scott Elementary
When? Projected around late 2016/early 2017 - "for design", now that we have more information, I guess that is what they meant to say way back then :)

Right now final construction is estimated for Fall 2018 (see Nov16th meeting notes for full breakdown)
We will also have a second park around the Prosper ISD school off Hidden Haven and Blue Stem.
No ETA as of Dec 2016, the school must be completed before any progress for the park.
As for the Scott Neighborhood park, for those who like to read, here is the correspondence we have had with the city of McKinney:

January 18th 2017 Meeting:
The City presented the Final park design on Wednesday evening (Jan 18th) in the amenity center. They began by going over the last two meetings and then presented the below park. We get lots of shade areas, open space, and a very large playground area. The play area is a nature play area, so structures will look organic (see other photos) and the basketball court is pending budget. Sorry, the Tennis court didn’t get the response via the survey and the fact the NE Community Park in Frisco will be featuring them as well, the city opted for a full court basketball court. There are five shade structures and an organic multi-loop path system. There will be a utility for our movie nights if we choose to move them to the park. They are also planning a water pump that will stream down the blue arrows to the drainage easement.

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